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Helping multi-unit brands grow the wise way since 2012.

Our Story - looking down to two sets of sneakers on pavement that reads, "Passion Led Us Here"
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We're gamechangers in site selection and market planning.

Discover our story, our mission, our platform, plans for the future and more.


Our Story

Our story started...

Our Story - looking down to two sets of sneakers on pavement that reads, "Passion Led Us Here"

back in 2012. We were just a couple of colleagues working at a small mapping software company serving clients across all kinds of sectors.

But we had a vision for what the company could be.

There was so much potential in the product and the different sectors we could work in. We also realized that smart phones and the cloud were the way of the future.

After a lot of thought, we executed a management buy-out on March 15, 2012.
On that day, we moved forward with an agile evolution mindset and a new name
Sitewise Analytics.

Today, we’ve expanded our team, our cloud-based software, our app, our capabilities and the industries that we serve.

Every day we work with some of the most respected brands in the retail, restaurant, healthcare, education and service sectors.

We can’t wait to show you what we can do with the next 10 years!

Our Leadership

Michael Simon

President & CEO, Sitewise Analytics

Alfred Jim

CTO, Sitewise Analytics

Our Mission

Our mission is to...

Game changers in site selection and market planning software.

to elevate site selection and market planning software using sophisticated solutions delivered through surprisingly simple software.

We understand how important it is to grow the wise way because that’s how we grew.

That’s why we made it our mission to make a location intelligence and analysis platform that is…

  • Configurable
  • User friendly
  • Flexible
  • Supported
  • Scalable

Our Vision

Our vision is to...

make real estate strategy tech accessible for all users. We want to make it easy for anyone who needs to gain actionable insights based on thoughtful analytics. We’re here to help anyone who wants to grow.

Our Values

Our values are...

what’s brought us to this point, and they’ll continue to guide us as we grow.

They’re what we stand for and what we’ll leave as a legacy. They’re so deeply rooted in us that our whole team cares deeply about…



To us, ingenuity means permission to try, to collaborate, to challenge norms, to make moves (big and small). We are proud to innovate as a company, and not just in our product development. Creativity is innate in everything we do from our service to our marketing, our platform and our processes.



Markets change rapidly. Multi-unit brands need to be nimble to adapt, so we’ve made ourselves agile. We are proactive and flexible. That makes us uber responsive to user needs and market changes. If there is something you want to see in our product or service, tell us – we’ll work hard to make it a reality for you.



We are a group of digital natives who live and breathe mapping, software and predictive analytics with hands-on customer care. Our brand and technology grew out of our desire to solve the everyday frustrations and challenges we saw in market planning for multi-unit brands. That’s why user experience and feedback (from our clients and our teams) are the lifeblood of our product and service development.



Our people connect technology and market planning expertise. With a team of software, client care, analytics and site selection pros, we tailor our platform, service and models to tackle the unique challenges of market strategy for franchises and multi-unit brands. That’s why we’re the secret sauce of success for emerging brands and established multi-national giants alike.

Our Uniqueness

What makes us different is...

Our people

Our culture - multi-coloured collage of people's faces

Our people listen to you from day one and every day after. That’s how we give you what you need to succeed in the platform and the real world.

Our culture

Sitewise Analytics - Client Support - Team members working together to solve client problems.

Our culture is open and accepting of new ideas and different perspectives. That’s what helps us innovate.

Our leaders

Our leaders are hands-on. When you work with Sitewise, you work directly with them and our team.

Our tech

Our technology is usable and we are user obsessed. That’s why we made it configurable and scaleable to grow with your brand!

Our app

Sitewise Mobile is our mobile app that helps you plan site tours, navigate, share insights, run reports, and evaluate real estate opportunities in real time.

Our app is mobile-first, and it is not a toy. You can do real work on the road in Sitewise Mobile as you tour prospective and existing sites.

Our models

Predictive Analytics - aerial street view overlayed with analytic data points

Our models are sophisticated yet explainable. Our team blends machine learning, modeling expertise, commercial real estate acumen and dedicated service.

Ready to grow your brand the wise way?

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