We Moved to a New Office in Dallas, Texas!

We moved to a new office in Dallas, Texas!

We’re so excited to share that we recently moved the Sitewise Analytics Dallas, Texas office to better meet the needs of our growing Predictive Analytics team.

Our Dallas team relocated to the new Frisco Square office to get more space and a better location. They love the new hood and its great restaurants, shopping, local culture, sports and more!

Sitewise leader check out the new office in Dallas, Texas's Frisco Square. From left: Sitewise President & CEO Michael Simon, Director of Predictive Analytics Debbie Cunningham, CTO Alfred Jim.

From left: President & CEO Michael Simon, Director of Predictive Analytics Debbie Cunningham, CTO Alfred Jim.

So, what inspired our new office in Dallas?

Our Predictive Analytics experts have been busy working away on sales forecast models for clients old and new for the past few years.

As our client pool for this service grew, so did our team. Many of them happen to live in the Dallas area. They needed a great new place to collaborate and grow together, which meant we needed a bigger footprint.

We asked our team how the new Dallas office will impact operations, and here’s what they had to say:

What's next for Team Sitewise?

The new Dallas office is the first of many important changes for Sitewise Analytics in 2023.

It gives us a new US home base to host and serve our growing base of clients looking to build a better strategic real estate roadmap, optimize markets and conduct whitespace analysis.

We’re also starting to get the word out more this year, with more social media and website changes coming soon!

We can’t wait to show you more, so keep your eyes peeled on our website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sitewise Analytics team having a ball in Dallas, Texas

About Sitewise Analytics

We’re gamechangers in site selection and market planning.

Our mission is to elevate site selection and market planning for multi-unit brands. We do this using sophisticated solutions delivered through surprisingly simple software.


COVID-19 Resources

Our Sitewise Solutions team has been busy working to provide you with essential datasets and services to support your organization in dealing with the current global pandemic. It’s difficult to understand how each market and industry is responding and will eventually recover. We’ve created a comprehensive COVID report which combines the latest datasets from our data partners.


Streamline Your Data

Connect your data to Sitewise, no matter where it is!

Similar to other aspects of Sitewise, your account can be configured to make your lives easier and streamline update processes. If updating your data is a time consuming and cumbersome process, we’re here to help! Here are some methods we can use to keep your data up to date: 

1. Automated Data Feeds
Our developers have built Sitewise with data automation in mind. We create automated data connections daily and they’re often included within your Sitewise Support and Services plan. Some of the external systems we’ve hooked up to already, but are certainly not limited to, are Lucernex, IBM Tririga, Sitefolio, Expesite, QuickBase, Oracle, SmartSheet, Google BigQuery, SalesForce, Microsoft Azure, ABC Marketing & other Enterprise Data Warehouses.

Generally, if your external database has the ability to send files via SFTP or has an API connection, we can almost always make it work with Sitewise. 

2. Drag n’ Drop Updates
Maybe your data isn’t contained within a structured database but instead managed within a flat file like Excel. We can create user-friendly “Drag n’ Drop” processes for you to upload a file into your Sitewise Portal. From there, sit back and relax as Sitewise does the heavy lifting to update any number of files based off the single upload.  

3. Direct replace with our new and improved Layer Import Engine
The new Layer Import Module makes it easy to replace simple files on your own without needing to rely on our Client Solutions team. This method should only be used for data tables that do not have documents attached to locations and are not connected to other update processes listed above. If you missed the details in our last newsletter, contact us to learn more! 

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