Predictive Analytics

More than just a sales forecast model.

Build an actionable real estate strategy for your brand.

Predictive Analytics offers a better way to...

No more black box models represented by black cubes exploding and dispersing

That means no more black box models.

Working with Sitewise Predictive Analytics means no more embarrassing meetings where you can’t explain the sales forecast numbers. No more messy processes or convoluted platforms for your real estate roadmap.

You might be asking yourself “Sounds great, but how?

We’re glad you asked.

Let's talk about...


Your model shouldn’t be a black box that spits out a report you can’t understand or explain.

With Sitewise, you’ll see the model progress, provide feedback, and learn exactly how it produces results at every stage of the modeling process. The result is a transparent, explainable model that produces stable and intuitive predictions through processes that you understand from input to output.

That means you can spell out exactly what’s driving the results, and make confident, data-driven decisions for your real estate strategy.

Glass cube with glowing ball in the center with teal tint overall
Image of woman with overlay of data, charts, location, and other thoughtful analytic information

Thoughtful Analytics

Sitewise blends machine learning, modeling expertise, and dedicated service.

What does that mean? You’ll work closely with our analytics gurus and commercial real estate veterans to co-create an actionable market planning model based on your brand’s unique processes and needs.

The end result? Your team can now choose the right site, every time with more speed, precision, and consistency than ever before.


Bold claims and sexy marketing don’t make good real estate models, and they can actually put you at risk.

Broken promises suck – Sitewise Predictive Analytics gets it.

That’s why we listen to what you want and ask questions like “Why?” to better understand your needs. Then we’ll tell you what’s possible.

Now you know you can trust both the model and your modeling partner.



You don’t want a cookie cutter model. You need something built for your brand.

That’s because every business has different drivers. They use different data inputs, activities, and criteria to make decisions.

Sitewise customizes models based on your unique strategic drivers, existing programs, pipeline processes, and go-forward strategies. Now you can get back to what really matters: acquiring the sites that help your brand thrive.


Static, one-and-done models serve your growth strategy now, but what about next year?

We work closely with you to build your model and refresh it annually, so it evolves and grows with your business. Our team also offer day-to-day support for your questions and special projects.

That means your real estate strategy is built on relevant sales forecasting and whitespace analysis that reflects the real world today and tomorrow.

Predictive Analytics team supporting clients

What are the outcomes?

Predictive Analytics Team

Models do the math, but people build the models.

Our client managers bring over 40 years of experience to the table. Their expertise lies in helping scale brands with market planning and site selection, corporate strategy, geospatial planning and finance functions.

They’re supported by our modeling experts who specialize in the advanced application of statistics, economics, forecasting, geospatial planning, data science and commercial real estate. Get the right mix of industry intuition and leading innovation.

Ready to grow your brand the wise way?

We’d love to hear about your brand and
your plans to update your strategic real estate roadmap!

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