Know your

Find your market.

Demographic and mapping data you’ll actually use.

Sitewise gives you the most current and reliable demographic insights right at your fingertips. 

Configurable and flexible for the best insights.

Building a core strategy for your stores and retail locations can make or break your business. The problem is that most tools on the market look great in a demo but then don’t actually configure to your specific business problem with your unique market. Sitewise is a completely configurable tool that helps you better understand your portfolio, identify the best trade areas, and visualize your market.

All the demographic and market planning support you need in one powerful solution.

Store Strategy

First, evaluate stores in your portfolio. Then examine each store’s performance and market penetration. Finally, plan your next real estate acquisition while managing your leases and contracts.

Market Plans

Understanding your customers is everything. With Sitewise, you can get closer than every before: market demographics, traffic patterns, mobile data, and socio economic indicators are all possible.

Sales forecasting

Predict your new location’s sales and revenue by better understanding store cannibalization, co-tenancy opportunities, signage and ingress/egress.  

Trade Areas

Define your trade area boundaries, then manage and optimize them based on external market factors.  

Accurate and up-to-date data.

Expert market planning can’t happen without precise data. We spend vast amounts of resources on validating and verifying the accuracy of our data partners. Every decision you make using Sitewise’s solution comes from multiple data sets we verify and trust.

Think Big and move fast with Sitewise.

We know you want to make smarter location decisions. Trust Sitewise to help you think big, asking the right questions, and move fast, with adaptive tools that can change as quickly as you can. 


Stop wrestling with restrictive software.

Make your mark on the world by planning your next move wisely.
Partner with Sitewise and hold the power of data-driven insights right at your fingertips.

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