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Sitewise Analytics, a leader in the real estate and market analytics industry, and today announce a new partnership integrating Geosocial data into Sitewise’s Solutions. Sitewise clients in the United States and Canada will now have access to a state-of-the-art, location-based social media dataset to support market research and location analytics. With access to social media behaviors of consumers nationwide, analysts can now layer traditional consumer data like demographics and psychographics with real-time, self-contributed lifestyle segmentation.

Communities, like people, are unique and cannot be accurately defined by a single demographic or psychographic characterization.’s geosocial dataset allows decision makers to better understand each community’s multifaceted interests. Are the people in my area of study interested in wellness? Are they also craft brew lovers who have a penchant for traveling? How does the block group rank nationally for nightlife, artistic behavior, outdoors activities? 72 interest categories are featured in the platform and include segments such as Bookish, Dog Lovers, Girl Squad, Hops & Brews, Trendy Eats, and Yoga Advocates.

Sitewise users will be able to use Geosocial to:

● Scientifically select new sites that align with community interests

● Reduce error in sales forecasting models

● Identify key customer segments that drive success for a brand

● Uncover additional markets where key customers are located

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