MapMarker Plus Canada

MapMarker Plus Canada

MapMarker Plus Canada is a geocoder that enables user to locate millions of customer locations with tremendous accuracy using street addresses, intersections or postal codes. MapMarker Plus Canada does this by assigning latitude/longitude coordinates to addresses from a customer database and placing them on a map.

NEW!! Candidate Visualization

This feature has been added to the GUI, enabling desktop users to view the location of the candidates on a map. When geocoding U.S. addresses via the GUI, Candidate Visualization will automatically select the correct maps for display. This feature assumes that the user has purchased StreetPro, which is the backdrop for the maps.

NEW!! Data Unlocking

Data Unlocking has been added to MapMarker Plus Canada. The product now ships with all provinces on one CD. To access the provinces you have purchased, you will have to unlock using the same scheme now in place in the U.S. product, i.e. by calling Customer Service for an unlocking code.

Candidates with Full 6-Character Postal Code

The list of candidates display all LDUs for a given FSA, enabling you to make a more accurate selection.

Best street address geocoding information available for Canada

Provides street address ranges for towns with population as small as 700.

Fast Geocoding

Address Standardization

Standardizes and filters postal code data and street spelling errors prior to geocoding, improving address quality and match rates.

Result Codes

Allows you to see whether a match was made and what portions of the address were used to confirm the quality of the match.

Dynamic Geocoding

Gives you the option to select a combination of methods (address, intersection and postal code), each given a rank of priority to geocode a database.

Quick Find

Allows you to geocode a single address, intersection or postal code. This feature has been enhanced to give you a choice of three independent match restrictions – house number, street name or postal code. This provides you with more flexibility by being able to choose these match restrictions individually or in any combination. You can see the results of your match immediately with longitude and latitude co-ordinates and Dissemination Area (DAs) boundary identifiers.

Batch Matching

This feature allows you to geocode an entire address or postal code file at once instead of matching one address at a time. Select your match restrictions and geocoding methods (address or postal code centroid) prior to geocoding for quick and easy results.

Interactive Geocoding

After you’ve geocoded thousands of records using the ‘batch matching’ option, go back through unmatched records and fix the addresses or postal codes that did not match using the Interactive Geocoding option.

Interactive Geocoding

Seamless integration with MapMarker® Plus U.S.


Canada $15,000.
Region* $6,000.
Province $3,750.

*Ontario and Quebec are considered Regions Prices are in Canadian dollars. MapInfo and MapBasic are registered trademarks of MapInfo Corporation VM 3 Arc Second is a registered trademark of IntraSearch Inc.