MapMarker USA

The powerful, cost-effective geocoding tool – and first step toward mapping and business data analysis.

MapInfo’s powerful geocoding tool, is the first step toward mapping and analyzing your business data – adding geographic coordinates to every record in your database. MapMarker USA matches records against its comprehensive Address Dictionary, a database of USPS street addresses, street geometry and the latest ZIP + 4 centroids.

MapMarker USA incorporates sophisticated matching algorithms with enhanced street data from Tele Atlas, NAVTEQ, and other street and parcel data providers to yield the highest geocoding rates and ensure that analysis incorporates the best available data. Combining an increased number of streets, with a greater number of addresses, MapMarker USA delivers up to a 30% increase in hit rate at the street level compared to the standard MapMarker. MapMarker USA gives you greater control, while spatially enabling your data.

MapMarker USA ensures accuracy when visualizing business location information, such as stores, customers and your competition as well as:

  • Geocoding large tables in batch mode for fast results (geocode up to 600,000 records per hour)
  • Geocoding interactively through friendly user interface (you make the final decision if there is a match) to maximize the number of matches and to control error rate
  • Geocoding to street addresses or ZIP Code Centroids
  • Identifying result codes by the type of match to tell at a glance the street address matches from the ZIP Code Centroid matches
  • Export to Shapefile Feature. MapMarker USA users will now be able to save their geocoded files directly to the Shapefile point format
  • Standardizing addresses to meet USPS CASS requirements (CASS certification for 2009)
  • Geocoding remote tables via ODBC


All of U.S. $16,495.
6 State Pack (Contiguous) $6,595.
State $2,195.

Vintage: Updated Quarterly