MapMarker USA (TIGER)

The powerful, cost-effective geocoding tool – and first step toward mapping and business data analysis.

MapInfo® MapMarker® USA (TIGER) is based on the same geocoding engine, has the same user interface, and the same features as MapMarker USA. The difference is in the data. MapMarker USA (Tiger) is our TIGER 2002 based geocoding solution positioned for customers requiring a TIGER based product, who do not place a premium on street level geocoding, or who are simply more price sensitive.

In selecting MapMarker USA (TIGER), over MapMarker USA, customers can expect to receive 20-30% fewer addresses geocoded to the street level. MapMarker USA (TIGER)’s address dictionary is updated semi-annually and TIGER updates are incorporated when received from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The MapMarker Address Dictionary is based on TIGER 2002 while MapMarker USA incorporates enhanced data from Tele Atlas (TeleAtlas, Inc.).

Use MapMarker USA (TIGER) to:

  • Geocode large tables in batch mode for faster results
  • Geocode interactively to maximize the number of matches and to control error rate
  • Geocode to remote tables via ODBC
  • Serve multiple simultaneous geocoding results from a single MapMarker engine


All of U.S. $8,950.
6 State Pack (Contiguous) $3,250.
State $1,495.

Vintage: Updated Semi-Annually