MapMarker USA

MapMarker USA, MapInfo’s powerful geocoding tool, is the first step toward mapping and analyzing your business data – adding geographic coordinates to every record in your database.

This premier product matches records against its comprehensive Address Dictionary, a database of USPS street addresses, street geometry and the latest ZIP + 4 centroids.

Enhanced by Tele Atlas (GDT, Inc.) data, MapMarker USA can locate millions of addresses with street level precision. Combining an increased number of streets, with a greater number of addresses, MapMarker USA delivers up to a 30% increase in hit rate at the street level compared to the standard MapMarker. MapMarker USA gives you greater control, while spatially enabling your data.

MapMarker USA (Tiger)

MapMarker USA (Tiger) is based on the same geocoding engine, has the same user interface, and the same features as MapMarker USA. The difference is in the data. MapMarker USA (Tiger) is our TIGER based geocoding solution positioned for customers requiring a TIGER based product, who do not place a premium on street level geocoding, or who are simply more price sensitive.

MapMarker Plus Canada

Locate millions of customer locations, with the highest level of accuracy, using street addresses, intersections or postal codes. Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s MapMarker® Plus Canada assigns latitude and longitude coordinates to customer addresses, and places them on a map for better visualization. MapMarker Plus Canada takes advantage of the Canada Post SERP Match Logic to gain the highest level of address cleansing available, resulting in more accurate geocoding.