MapInfo Professional v17

MapInfo Professional is a powerful mapping and geographic analysis application. By visualising the relationships between data and geography, MapInfo Professional makes it fast and easy to create, share and use maps by turning data into information.

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MapInfo Professional v17 is a transformational release with significant improvements that will help every GIS professional, engineer or analyst make better decisions.

Easy to learn, easy to use!

The 64-bit environment of MapInfo Professional has a powerful ribbon-based user interface which makes everyday tasks easy to learn and navigate.

This interface takes MapInfo Professional’s renowned combination of power and ease-of-use further than ever before!


What’s New!


Mini-toolbars – quick access!

Replacing the traditional “floating” toolbars of the 32-bit versions, in MapInfo v17, you can easily customize the three available toolbars: Quick Access (QAT), Map and Layout (new for v17). For each of them, you can add and delete functions or change the order in which the icons appear. For the map & layout toolbars, there is additional capability of creating multiple tool bars for different task types such as analysis or data editing.

Welcome Window and Quick Search

The Welcome Window is an informative and functional page that appears when you start MapInfo Pro. It provides you a quick access to recently used tables and workspaces and the possibility to open new ones, as wells as news and a video channel, all to helping users migrate from 32-bit interface.



Improved Interactive Thematics

Working dynamically, the Individual Value Theme items are now supported in the Layer Control for a thematic layer. Individual bins visibility can be controlled through the Layer Control. Labels also respect bin visibility. As well, Graduated Symbol Theme items are now supported in the Layer Control for a thematic layer.

Geocoding and Drive Time (Online Services)

New Drive Time Options offering a selection of driving vs walking and time vs distance options, for single or multiple shapes, with no bulky installation or large upgrade costs.

Free credits each month with your active MATS subscription, with additional and affordable upgrade plans available for ordering. Geocode locations in many countries.



Layout Improvement and Layout Templates

Publish maps quickly by creating and sharing layout templates for consistent, high-quality outputs.

Use sample layouts and started building your own library of saves layouts for easy access.

Use SmartText to embed variables into text boxes, such as font, current date and page number.

Ribbon Customization

The MapInfo Pro ribbon can now be customized to suit your needs and work style. Create custom tabs and custom groups to hold frequently used commands. Re-arrange tabs and groups to put commands where you want them as well as minimize the ribbon to enlarge your work area.



Better, Faster, Stronger

MapInfo Professional v17 brings improved productivity and performance. Buffering and other object processing tasks will get done faster than ever before. The 64-bit MapInfo Professional v17 will take advantage of the memory in your computer. This leads to incremental performance improvements in many areas of the software.



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