DMTI Location Hub

Address Management

Our powerful SaaS software solutions and “Canada’s # 1 digital mapping solution” CanMap product suite are the foundation that will allow you to unlock the power of location in your organization.

Whether you integrate Location Hub into your business processes or analyze your data in batch using Location Hub Portal, our software provides you with the analytics required to make sound strategic decisions to improve transaction management, risk management, market coverage, service delivery and customer satisfaction, while increasing organizational agility and driving profitability.

Great software alone will not deliver the results you need. Fundamental to address recognition is a reference database of existing addresses. DMTI’s solutions are built are built on top of Canada’s most comprehensive & accurate address database that integrates over 7,300 data sources and our CanMap data. Every address is tagged with our permanent, universal Unique Address Identifiers (UAID) providing an efficient mechanism for cross referencing and integrating your information.

By combining the industry leading address recognition software with the most current, accurate Canadian location information (compiled at the individual rooftop or parcel level) we provide an integrated set of
real-time location transaction and analytic services. By deploying on a powerful, location-software-as-a-service platform we make it easy to integrate and maintenance free.

Location Hub & Location Hub Portal SaaS Architecture


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