MapInfo Discover Mobile

Take your MapInfo Discover workspace to the field.

MapInfo Discover Mobile 3.7, the companion to MapInfo Discover for MapInfo Professional, now makes it easier than ever before to capture GIS data in the field. You can take your digital maps and images wherever you go.


Discover Mobile is GPS enabled and can be used for in-field data capture, sample logging, mapping and navigation.


  • simple transfer of data between devices
  • simple GPS connection and support
  • easy to use with intuitive user interface using toolbars and menus
  • basic file maintenance with files fully compatible with MapInfo Professional
  • Geoset saving for restoring sessions
  • interactive location tools
  • distance measurement tools
  • comprehensive navigation tools for control of the screen display
  • native Trimble TSIP protocol support
  • Trimble Post Processing support option (requires MapInfo Discover 10)
  • The GPS Geoid height can now be displayed and captured (using the NMEA GGA string).
  • Multi-element measurements from Innov-X’s field-portable Omega XRF system can now be captured, visualised and correlated in real-time against existing geochemistry, geology, and geophysical datasets. And when combined with MapInfo Discover Mobile’s support for Trimble’s differential GPS system, your XRF field data can now be recorded with super accuracy
  • Picklists now support subcategories for even more efficient data capture.
  • The extended desktop interface simplifies the creation and management of picklists. Picklists are fully customisable lists of attributes used when capturing objects in the field.
  • Reliably updates the source dataset on the desktop with field-collected data from the mobile device.

Product Support

System Requirements


MapInfo Discover Mobile 3.7 requires a handheld computer running Windows Mobile 5 or 6. MapInfo Discover Mobile’s Desktop Tools require recent versions MapInfo Professional and MapInfo Discover. DGPS post-processing additionally requires Trimble Pathfinder Office 4.0 and Discover 10.1 (or later).

DiscoverMobile_v3.5_PostProcess.exe must be requested from MapInfo technical support department. Contact Tetrad for this.


Mobile includes 1 year MATS (Maintenance & Technical Support) Call for Pricing
Discover + Mobile with MATS Call for Pricing
Annual Discover + Mobile MATS Call for Pricing