Canada Postal Code Data


FSA Boundaries & 6-Digit Postal Code Points

The Canadian 6-Digit Postal Code Points contains the latitude and longitude of the single “most representative point” for each postal code in Canada, sourced from Canada Post Corporation, Statistics Canada and GDT Canada.

The 6-Digit PC file contains the “best” location for a postal code. When geocoding client postal codes, users should be aware that there may be other valid delivery locations. This file only contains UNIQUE postal codes. This file has the most representative point for each postal code in Canada.

A comprehensive list of “multiple” delivery locations can be obtained by consulting the Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF)

The Forward Sortation Area (FSA) Boundary product included in this bundle represents the first three characters of a postal code indicating a specific geographic area. Aligned to nest with 6-Digit PC, the FSA Boundary product allows direct marketers and service industries to integrate transactional data with FSA Boundaries to define optimal locations for retail presence and define optimal locations for retail presence and define service coverage, sales territories and targeted marketing campaigns.


6-digit postal code points within a postal FSA boundary

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