Neighborhood Boundaries

Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries

The most intuitive way to refer to a place is often by neighborhood name–SoHo, Haight-Ashbury, Piccadilly, Red Sqaure. When people shop for a new home or try to find a restaurant, neighborhood data provides the most intuitive navigation. When marketers search for a specific demographic, neighborhoods take them to the right place.

Maponics invests time and geographic talent to create and update hand-drawn neighborhood boundaries for over 116,000 neighborhoods in 2,380 cities around the world. Each neighborhood is built using data from multiple local sources to match on-the-ground reality.

Maponics Neighborhood BoundariesTM are used by newspapers, direct marketers, realtors, social networkers, and local search media industries to direct customers to relevant businesses and locations.


Product Offerings

  • Neighborhood Boundaries – includes boundaries, centroids and attributes
  • Neighborhood Centroids – includes neighborhood center points
  • Neighborhood Names – includes list of neighborhood names
  • Neighborhood to ZIP Code Boundaries Correlation File

Data Formats

  • Esri – Shapefile (.shp)
  • Mapinfo – TAB (.tab)