ZIP Codes & Carrier Routes

Data from Maponics & PitneyBowes


Dynamap ZIP Codes & ZIP+4 Centroids

Dynamap 5-Digit ZIP Codes

Dynamap 5-Digit ZIP Codes includes the ZIP Codes for the U.S. For each state there is a ZIP Code table that contains all unique boundary and point ZIP Codes for that state.


Dynamap ZIP+4 Centroids

This database contains more than 62 million ZIP+4 Centroids and census block correspondence. It is based on current data from the USPS, the U.S. Bureau of the Census and the TeleAtlas master Street database.


Maponics Carrier Routes

Maponics Carrier Routes

Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries enables you to easily integrate the most accurate carrier route data on the market into your internal GIS, database or Internet search and mapping application. DHL ®, UPS ®, FedEX ®, the U.S. Postal Service ® and many other mailing industry businesses all depend on Maponics for postal maps, data and information, as do direct marketing giants Pitney Bowes MapInfo ® and D&B ® (Dunn and Bradstreet). In fact, refers all companies looking for carrier route maps to Maponics, and has since 2003.

Why Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries?

Proprietary algorithms created by Maponics’ industry-recognized postal data specialists ensure that every nuance in the boundary creation process has been optimized. Here are some of the features that set Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries apart:


CASS Certification Compatible:

Maponics uses the same monthly address releases to create its postal boundaries that the U.S. Postal Service uses as the basis for its CASS Certification process. Having carrier route boundaries that tie into this CASS standard helps mailers qualify for maximum postage discounts.

Street Aligned:

Maponics Carrier Route boundaries align to the TIGER/Line® data street network, and are compatible with other street network databases, such as NAVTEQ ® and TeleAtlas ®. This street compatibility makes decision-making easier when viewing carrier route boundaries on a map.

Accurate and Complete:

With well over 600,000 carrier routes in the U.S., creating boundaries for each one requires enormous resources. Because of this, many companies over-generalize by dropping carrier routes that are hard to map. They also give single address point carrier routes non-existent polygonal boundaries (for example, of a building’s footprint), because it is easier than dealing with the reality that the U.S. Postal Service has both point carrier routes and carrier routes that can be represented as polygons. Maponics accurately captures all carrier routes.

Delivery Counts Included:

In addition to latitude and longitude information for both carrier route boundaries and center points, Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries features delivery counts for easier mailing planning. This includes total residential delivery count, multi-family delivery count, single-family delivery count, PO Box count, and business delivery count.

Who Uses Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries?

Pitney Bowes MapInfo, D&B (Dunn and Bradstreet), AccuData America®, Clipper Magazine®, Winn-Dixie®, Mail South®, Melissa Data®, Advertising Network Solutions®, Applied Data Consultants®, Marketing Informatics® and many others.

Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries Specifications

Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries is available for quarterly file delivery in a wide range of formats compatible with ESRI, Pitney Bowes MapInfo, Oracle, SAP and many other GIS, database and web applications. It is also available by API, for delivery on a real time transactional basis.

Maponics ZIP Codes & ZIP+4 Centroids

5-Digit Zip Code Boundaries

A comprehensive dataset of boundaries, centroids, location information and delivery counts for residential and business.

Maponics is the authority on taking raw U.S. Postal Service (USPS) data and transforming it into a highly useful location based dataset. Key features of this dataset:

  • Superior data quality and accuracy based on data feeds directly from the USPS and processes using proven methodology and algorithms
  • ZIP Code Boundaries are built from the individual address level up and aligned with streets to provide the best representation of postal geography


Maponics Zip+4 Code Centroids

Maponics ZIP+4 Code Centroids includes over 51 million records detailing the 5-digit ZIP code and the 4-digit extension (AABB) representing the ZIP Code Sector (AA) and ZIP Code Segment (BB). The inclusion of the 4-digit ZIP Code extension is used by the United State Postal Service to faciltate efficient mail handling and delivery.

Maponics’ proprietary process builds the ZIP+4 point product by matching each ZIP+4 address collection to street segments and offset to the correct side of the street. Finally Maponics implements a rigorous Quality Control process to ensure the ZIP+4 product is of the highest quality. This QC includes steps that check for and remove any duplicate ZIP+4 values as well as ensure proper data field representation.

A ZIP+4 can represent one side of the street, a floor in a building, or a specific Post Office Box. PO Box ZIP+4’s are initially represented by the United States Postal Service as a ZIP+4 low value and ZIP+4 high value, e.g. 200010001 – 200010486. Maponics expands these ranges to contain all the included ZIP+4 values within the initial ZIP+4 range set.

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