GeoTel Wire Center Boundaries

The Wire Center Dataset is a boundary map and the basic unit of geography for the telecom industry. The boundaries describe the organization of the local telephone exchange system. Each Wire Center serves a unique set of telephone numbers within a fixed geographic area. A telephone number consists of three parts: Area Code (3 digits), Prefix (3 digits), and the Line Number (4 digits). Typically, each Prefix is assigned to one specific Wire Center. This means that numbers are assigned to wire centers to blocks of 10,000. A Wire Center Boundary is a polygon of the area that contains the numbers in a Wire Center. Offered in MapInfo (.TAB) and ESRI (.SHP) formats.

GeoTel MetroFiber


Fields Description Example
St_Abr State Code MN
WireCenter Wire Center Code MNFDOHXA
AOCN Administrative Operating
Company Number
LATA LATA Number 923
NPA1 First Area Code 330
NPA2 Second Area Code 419
NPA3 Third Area Code 567
NPA4 Fourth Area Code 740
NPA5 Fifth Area Code 937
NPA6 Sixth Area Code *