MobileMarketInfo is a comprehensive new database from MapInfo for mapping and analyzing the wireless license landscape. Complete with market partitioning and frequency disaggregation, MobileMarketInfo consists of Cellular Market Areas (CMA) and Personal Communication Service Areas (PCS).

CMA service areas are also referred to as:

  • Metropolitan Service Areas (MSA) – Sides A and B
  • Rural Service Areas (RSA) – Sides A and B

PCS service areas are also referred to as:

  • Major Trading Areas (MTA) – Blocks A and B
  • Basic Trading Areas (BTA) – Blocks C-D-E-F

Together these service areas define the geographies that wireless carriers are licensed to provide service throughout the U.S. By bringing together the complex FCC license data, coupled with dedicated research, MobileMarketInfo delivers a concise format for accurate analyses.

Data Updates

By Subscription: Quarterly.


MapInfo, Federal Communications Commision (FCC)


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