LATAInfo is a map database of Local Access Transport Areas (LATAs) across the United States. LATAs are geographic regions unique to the telecommunications industry. Telephone calls between two parties in different LATAs must, by law, be ‘transported’ by a long-distance carrier. In general, each LATA contains a single major metropolitan area.

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In addition to the geographic boundaries of the LATAs, the database contains information about Wire Centers, Area Codes, and the major local operating companies in each LATA.

Database Contents

LATA number, LATA name, Area Codes in the LATA, Major local operating companies serving the LATA

Geographic Coverage

Continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii


1:24,000 / Latitude & Longitude, NAD83

Product Specifications

In order to use LATAInfo, you must have MapInfo Professional (version 4.5 or higher) installed on your system. Call for information on other supported data formats.

Data Updates

Available monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or semi-annually on a subscription basis, with 1, 2, or 3-year service contracts. Call for pricing and contract terms.


All of United States $2,495.

Call for pricing on server-based or multi-user licensing.