ExchangeInfo PLUS™

Designed for use in the telecommunications industry, ExchangeInfo Plus is a comprehensive infrastructure database of Wire Center serving areas, Central Offices (CO) and wireless switch locations.

Wire centers are the basic unit of geography for the telecom industry. They describe the organization of the local telephone Exchange system. Each Wire Center serves a unique set of telephone numbers within a fixed geographic area.

In addition to providing geographic information about Wire Center serving areas and the CO’s, ExchangeInfo Plus contains specific telecom data, including CLLI™ Codes, LATA assignments, Rate Center names, Exchange names, Area Code (NPA), prefixes (NXX), Carrier Type information, and more. ExchangeInfo Plus includes every Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) landline Wire Center in the United States (over 22,000), and graphically displays their service areas.


Accurate, Comprehensive Data

Contains all Central Office locations in one layer — LEC, CLEC, and Wireless.

Majority of Central Office locations are based upon street addresses – a source field attribute indicates how the location was generated.

Infrastructure data are attributes of an individual NPA/NXX:

  • Wire Center Code
  • Carrier and Service Type
  • Rate Center
  • Exchange
  • Line Range Splits
  • LATA

Street-level Accuracy

Wire Center boundaries are generated using over 50 million addresses and telephone tariff data.

Easy to Use, Query

Every NPA/NXX (LEC, CLEC and Wireless) is contained in single data table, simplifying the search for a particular NPA/NXX and Wire Center code.

Flat Wire Center geography with no overlaps or gaps, reduces risk of double counting a particular area.

Database Contents

The ExchangeInfo Plus database is divided into 5 file sets:

  • Wire Center Boundaries: Wire Center code, Region
  • Central Office Points: Wire Center code, Vertical, Horizontal, Longitude, Latitude, Source, Point
  • Area Code and Prefix Data Table: NPA, NXX, Start range, End range, State, Wire Center code, Switch, Service type, LATA, OCN, Company name, OCN category, Locality, Exchange, Rate Center
  • Service Type Data Table: Type, Description
  • Operating Company (OCN) Category Data Table: Category, Description.

The file sets can be opened and used individually, however, using all the sets together provides the most complete information about Wire Center service areas and Central Offices.


Geographic Coverage Continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.
Scale / Coordinates 1:24,000 / NAD83
Subscriptions Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual distribution of updates and enhancements are available, with 1, 2, and 3-year contracts.


Per State $3,200.
All of United States $13,000.

Call for pricing on server-based or multi-user licensing.