Shopping Centers

Shopping Center data is a valuable  data input for Site Selection and Market Planning solutions.  A typical use of the data is for determining the total gross leasable retail area near your prospective site.

At Tetrad, we offer various sources of shopping center data and can help you to choose a dataset that best suits your needs.


Directory of Major Malls

Their steadfast position as a primary source to retailers, owner/developers, management companies, promotional, retail design, architecture, service and supply companies has helped DMM form strong long standing and cooperative relationships with the primary shopping center developers and managing companies in the industry. Consequently, both the major and minor players in the industry are consistently agreeable in responding to their requests for not only updates on their existing projects but also with keeping them well informed of their new developments, renovations/expansions and acquisitions.

DMM’s research process involves several campaigns annually to update and gather new data directly from the source: the shopping center owner/developers and their authorized agents. Additionally they are locating and tracking information through mail, phone interviews, fax, e-mail, industry periodicals, public relations contacts, the Internet and personal contact at industry events.

In addition to their scheduled research campaigns, there is an ongoing emphasis all year long on acquiring new listings and tracking the continuous flow of ownership, contact and tenant changes.

Their research process and commitment to their users makes the DMM data as timely as possible within the constraints of even the tightest production schedule. They are updating their data up to the last possible moment prior to release to be assured their customers are receiving the latest information on this important niche of major and specialized retail projects.

CAP Shopping Centers

cap60Competitive Analytics Professionals is a leading provider of one of the most comprehensive retail, restaurant &shopping centers location data sets aiding in market analysis and site selection. Our location data remains current and accurate providing you with insight to make strategic decisions confidently, competitively and timely.


The ReCAP Shopping Center Database contains the Shopping Center Concepts and number of locations that CAP has captured to date, with our continuous update process.

Shopping Center Type Number of Locations 
 Super-Regional 419
 Power Center  928
 Lifestyle  509
 Community  6,291
 Festival/Entertainment  259
 Neighborhood 9,068
 Outlet Center 336
 Mixed Use 771
 Specialty 1,500
 Strip/Convenience 17,455
 Total  38,638

*Please note the above numbers are approximates and could change at the next release cycle.