Kalibrate TrafficMetrix

Kalibrate has compiled traffic information from thousands of municipalities, departments of transportation and local governments, then combined it with their own field-verified traffic data gathered from on-site surveys.

The blending of these constantly updated databases gives TrafficMetrix™ the power to be the most complete traffic file available. And with over 1,000,000 traffic points nationwide, TrafficMetrix is sure to provide the detailed information needed for routing or analytical purposes.


TrafficMetrix Features
  • Name of street where count is taken
  • Most recent traffic count available
  • Traffic count types*
  • Name of nearest cross-street
  • Direction of nearest cross-street
  • Distance to nearest cross-street
  • Longitude and latitude coordinates
  • Five years of historical counts
  • Quarterly updates
  • Available in most major GIS formats by county, MSA, state, region or as a nationwide set
TrafficMetrix Benefits
  • Most complete source available
  • Field-verified
  • Field trends with historical traffic counts where available
  • Free technical support provided by highly-qualified technicians
  • Competitive pricing
*Traffic Count Types

Traffic count types are provided in the following formats:

  • AADT
  • AADT Adjusted
  • AADT Eastbound
  • AADT Northbound
  • AADT One-way
  • AADT Southbound
  • AADT Westbound
  • ADT
  • ADT Eastbound
  • ADT Intersection
  • ADT Manual
  • ADT Northbound
  • ADT One-way
  • ADT Southbound
  • ADT Westbound
  • AWDT
  • AWET
  • Converted Approach Count
  • MPSI Estimate
  • Peak-Hour
  • Peak-Hour Eastbound
  • Peak-Hour Northbound
  • Peak-Hour Southbound
  • Peak-Hour Westbound
  • Summer ADT
  • Vendor Estimate

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