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Healthcare Data Solutions provides a wide variety of products to help you target the most appropriate audience efficiently and effectively. Our in-depth lead and data lists provide up-to-date information on the healthcare providers you need to reach. Whether you’re looking for names, locations, email addresses, office contacts, phone numbers or hospital affiliations, HDS has a product that will allow you to reach Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists and other providers through every channel, including email, so that when they’re ready to make a treatment decision, you’re there with the most accurate information available.


PhysicianPRO is a comprehensive database of nearly 1 million Doctors and Physicians and their detailed contact information. Using our proprietary sources, Healthcare Data Solutions can provide marketers with accurate and frequently updated lists of Physician information to reach these key decision makers and create sales leads today.



DentistPRO is one of the top Dentist marketing resources available. With close to 200,000 Dentists in our directory, DentistPRO is a powerful tool featuring comprehensive contact information for the Dentists that you need to reach.


Our in-depth and accurate list of over 160,000 Pharmacists and Pharmacy decision makers provides marketers with an advantage in creating leads and making contact with one of the most important professional positions in the healthcare industry at their pharmacy location. In addition, our PharmacyPRO list includes site-level information on more than 65,000 pharmacies.


Today, Doctors and providers are rarely tied to a single location. Moving between multiple hospitals and clinics, sometimes daily, these providers can be difficult for healthcare marketers to pin down. With HospitalPRO’s quality, up-to-date list of 6,700 hospitals, marketers can link healthcare providers to affiliated hospitals with ease.


With more than 43,000 comprehensive Veterinarian listings, our VeterinarianPRO database is the source for the most complete veterinarian information available.

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