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Gain a new view on telecommunications with telecom maps and data from Pitney Bowes.

ExchangeInfo Plus Canada


Telephone Exchange Insights

Gain a new view on telecommunications with telephone exchange insights from ExchangeInfo Plus.

The software offers insights into wire centers, important as they serve as the basic unit of geography for the communications industry, and each wire center serves a unique set of telephone numbers within a fixed geographic area.

Gain insights and explore complex, robust analyses of the local telephone exchange system with ExchangeInfo Plus from Pitney Bowes.


How telephone exchange insights could benefit your business

Our rigorous methodology, extensive research, ongoing customer feedback mechanism and monthly update process ensure the telephone exchange data are both exceptionally accurate and current. Specific industry data include:

  • Wire center code
  • Rate center name
  • Exchange name
  • Area codes (NPA)
  • Prefixes (NXX)
  • Carrier type

With ExchangeInfo Plus telephone exchange insights, you can visualize telecom landscape applications and use them to improve your business:

  • Understand and visualize the service areas of local exchange carriers
  • Plan interconnection routes and identify required collocations for optimum efficiency
  • Perform competitive analysis and market research to help grow profits



Area Code Information for United States and Canada

Use up to date area code information to stay ahead of your competitors and deliver an outstanding level of customer service. Find information relevant to your business with AreaCodeInfo, cutting-edge data of area code boundaries for the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Keep your business in the know – given the ever-increasing demand for phone numbers, new area codes are constantly being created. Area code information in the data updates quarterly to ensure the most accurate, area code information is available for your business when you need it.

Improve your business with up-to-date area code information

With AreaCodeInfo, your business can use area code data to improve communication, enhance efficiency, deliver excellent customer service and make better business decisions.

Our area code information data can help you:

  • Generate custom queries and reports to meet network planning and analysis needs
  • Provide customers and service reps with area code lookups


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