StreetPro Canada

MapInfo’s premier Canadian street-level data product.

StreetPro Canada provides you with a street-level mapping product with unparalleled display quality with the most up-to-date data. StreetPro Canada contains over 600,000 addressed street segments and has full attribution for all towns with a population of 1,500 or more.

Created using TeleAtlas Canada, StreetPro Canada gathers information from sources including:

  • Municipal land use maps
  • Municipal planning and development maps
  • Municipal zoning maps and official plans
  • Municipal street and address maps
  • Regional planning documents
  • Canadian Road NetworkTM (Natural Resources Canada)
  • 2001 Street Network File – Statistics Canada
  • Digital Topographic Data produced under license from Natural Resources Canada

StreetPro Canada is available in two options to offer you more choice, flexibility and value:

  • StreetPro Canada has complete street address attributes and land use layers. It can be used to geocode using MapInfo Professional’s geocoding function
  • StreetPro Canada Display has complete street geometry, including street name, for all of Canada. This is a non-addressed, fast display ‘chained’ streets layer.


  • Population Coverage – The addition of 120 new towns in this release has made population coverage even more comprehensive. Coverage includes communities that are home to 81.3% of the entire Canadian population. Towns with populations as low as 700 are included.
  • Road Segments – Extensive updates of road segments include 18,425 new road segments, 23,420 newly named segments, and 5,108 newly addressed segments. Road segment updates are done on a continuing basis as information becomes available and key areas are targeted for improvement.
  • Separated Highways – Highway interchanges across Canada are also being improved on a continuing basis. This release includes extensive editing of Highway 1 in New Brunswick, between Moncton and St. John.
  • Positional Accuracy – Realignment work has been done using imagery for streets, railroads, lakes, and rivers. The addition of Calgary, Alberta now brings the total number of realigned linear street kilometers in the Dynamap/Canada database to 21,528 (Vancouver, Windsor, Calgary). Additional improvements will be made in future releases and other key areas in Canada will be realigned.
  • Updated Content Layers – Dynamap/Canada includes airport points throughout Canada. The polygonal land use and airport polygon layers in the Calgary area have been adjusted to align with positionally accurate streets.
  • Templates – StreetPro Canada now has three new template styles for the Canadian Market
  • Waterbody Extensions – The existing lake layer has been expanded and enhanced. It now covers more territory and is more visually appealing. This layer is now divided into sections that can be associated with individual CD Boundaries.
  • Improved Name Display – All names will now be transferred to proper case. For example, what once appeared as “MAIN ST” will now appear as “Main St”. “1ST AVE NW” will display as “1st Ave NW”. This gives you a more professional looking map display.
  • Addressed road segments – Available for all communities in Canada with a population >1,500. There are over 600,000 addressed road segments.
  • Autoloader – An application to quickly load multiple geographic areas and layers of data. The Autoloader comes with customizable templates that allow customers to set up street styles, colors, labels, and zoom display, which will improve overall display quality.
  • Map Definitions – Map definitions are XML-based text files that contain map layer information. They are created using the Map Definition Manager that ships with MapXtreme Java Edition. Unlike geosets, map definitions can be stored as files or as records in a database. A map definition’s settings include projection, default zoom, auto-labeling of objects, zoom layering, and whether a table is visible when opened.
  • Workspace – As an alternative to opening files with the Autoloader, users can open the provided workspaces to jump-start their map making. These workspaces open with preset display defaults. A Workspace is a saved configuration of MapInfo tables and window and can be used with MapInfo Professional.
  • Geosets – A geoset is a collection of layers that can be opened together in MapX. They are similar in behavior to MapInfo Professional workspaces. If you are using MapInfo Professional, you cannot use geosets; refer to the previous section on workspaces. Geosets can be used with MapXtreme NT.
  • Cartographic Legend Support – Users of StreetPro and MapInfo Professional can make a fully formatted and labeled cartographic legend in one easy step.
  • Seamless Builder – Combines layers quickly to build seamless maps for user defined coverage area, which saves time for the customer when opening big street files or changing display options.
  • Bonus CD – Contains additional data, such as MapInfo grid files showing terrain (DTED® data), time zones, US and Mexican boundaries and more!
  • Better performance with use on the Internet – Designed to integrate with MapXtreme®
  • Compatible with StreetPro U.S. – Style, labeling and layering will have the same look and feel.


  • Area Landmarks
  • Census Divisions
  • Census Metropolitan Areas
  • Census Subdivisions
  • Ferries
  • Institutions
  • Land use
  • Major Roads
  • Parks
  • Primary Highways
  • Railroads
  • Ramps
  • Recreation Area
  • Route & Highway Shields 0-5 mile zoom – bottom
  • Route & Highway Shields 0-5 mile zoom – top
  • Route & Highway Shields 5-15 mile zoom – bottom
  • Route & Highway Shields 5-15 mile zoom – top
  • Route & Highway Shields 15-50 mile zoom – bottom
  • Route & Highway Shields 15-50 mile zoom – top
  • Secondary Highways
  • Streets Addressed (not available in the Display edition)
  • Streets Display
  • TransCanada Shields 0-5 mile zoom – bottom
  • TransCanada Shields 0-5 mile zoom – top
  • TransCanada Shields 5-15 mile zoom – bottom
  • TransCanada Shields 5-15 mile zoom – top
  • TransCanada Shields 15-50 mile zoom – bottom
  • TransCanada Shields 15-50 mile zoom – top
  • Transportation Points
  • Urban Agglomeration
  • Utility
  • Water Bodies
  • Water Rivers


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New Brunswick
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Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Atlantic Canada
Western Canada
Census Metro Area
  • Download a sample map of the Halton Regional Municipality, Ontario (1.7mb) or
  • Call toll-free 1-800-663-1334 for more information and pricing

Note: You must have the MapInfo software to view these maps.