Canada Census Boundaries

The 2011, 2006 area boundaries for thematic mapping with PCensus Analyst.    These census boundary files are sourced from Statistics Canada and only align with Statistics Canada Road Network File.

There are two types of boundary files:

  • Cartographic – portray the census boundaries as areasclipped for water boundaries.
  • Digital – protray the census boundaries to their full extent and are not clipped for water boundaries.

2011 Census Boundary Files

ArcGIS Format (.shp files)

Geography Cartographic Digital
Province Download (40MB) Download (2MB)
Census Division Download (53MB) Download (14MB)
Census Subdivision Download (86MB) Download (51MB)
Census Metropolitan Area Download (6MB) Download (4MB)
Census Tract Download (12MB) Download (10MB)
Dissemination Area Download (147MB) Download (113MB)
Dissemination Block Download (334MB) Download (316MB)

MapInfo Format (.tab files)

Geography Cartographic Digital
Province Download (19MB) Download (1MB)
Census Division Download (24MB) Download (6MB)
Census Subdivision Download (37MB) Download (20MB)
Census Metropolitan Area Download (3MB) Download (2MB)
Census Tract Download (5MB) Download (5MB)
Dissemination Area Download (62MB) Download (47MB)
Dissemination Block Download (154MB) Download(199MB)

2006 Census Boundaries

The following are Statistics Canada’s Cartographic Boundary Files of standard geographic areas in effect as of January 1, 2006:

ArcGIS Format (.shp files)

Geography Cartographic Digital
Province Download (33MB)
Census Division Download (44MB)
Census Subdivision Download (73MB)
Census Metropolitan Area Download (6.1MB)
Census Tract Download (8MB) Download (7MB)
Dissemination Area Download (114MB) Download (80MB)
Dissemination Block Download (213MB) Download (185MB)

MapInfo Format (.tab files)

Geography Cartographic Digital
Province Download (16MB)
Census Division Download (20MB)
Census Subdivision Download (32MB)
Census Metropolitan Area Download (6MB)
Census Tract Download (4MB) Download (3MB)
Dissemination Area Download (52MB) Download (38MB)
Dissemination Block Download (122MB) Download (109MB)

**TETRAD Computer Applications has been an authorized distributor of selected Statistics Canada files for the 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, and 2011 censuses. No confidential personal information about an individual family, household organization or business has been obtained from Statistics Canada.