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InfoCanada Business Location File

InfoCanada Business Location File is a comprehensive database containing
geographic points on over one million businesses located throughout Canada and detailed corresponding information on those businesses. This database provides geocoded points for each record to facilitate mapping and map-based studies of consumers and site location models. This file has 49 variables, including company name, 6-digit SIC (Standard Industrial Classification Code) and description, sales and employment for Canadian businesses.

Business Location File is ideal for analyzing the market for opportunities or competitive threats, assigning territories, and building sales and marketing strategies with more information than ever before.
There are 1,490,449 records nationwide.

Province Records
Newfoundland 21,705
Prince Edward Island 7,607
Nova Scotia 39,557
New Brunswick 30,874
Quebec 324,302
Ontario 571,514
Saskatchewan 52,835
Alberta 170,878
British Columbia 211,826
Yukon 2,751
Northwest Territories 3,250
Nunavut 1,853

Shopping Centres

The Canada Shopping Centres database is made up of two related files – Shopping Centres and Anchor Stores.

The Shopping Centres file contains the location coordinates of individual shopping centres across Canada. Those centres that have a gross leasable area of 30,000 sq. ft or greater are considered “traditional” shopping centres, whereas those having a gross leasable area less than 30,000 sq. ft are considered “non-traditional”. In addition, this file provides information on the number of stores, parking spaces, gross leasable area, type of centre, and proposed renovation plans.

The anchors file contains a list of the major stores within the Shopping Centres, as well as a description of the store and the square footage. This file also provides the location coordinates of each anchor store.


The Storebase database contains the chain name, store name and location coordinates of individual grocery stores across Canada.

Number of Records

The Storebase database contains 16,758 grocery stores for over 200 different store chains, including the selected major store chains shown in the following table:

Sources of Information

Info Canada Business File, July 2011.


Pitney Bowes Software updates the Storebase database annually in September.