Whether you are the franchisor or the franchisee, knowing the marketplace is paramount to any success. Tetrad’s desktop, web and mobile solutions help you develop franchise territories and effectively profile the areas with skill and precision.

Combine your territories with the accuracy of the latest demographics and the confidence of professional tools. Target custom income and age groups to determine the true value of each area and balance franchises accordingly. Rank and sort ZIP Codes, Census Tracts or even your custom boundaries. Develop summary reports that efficiently produce the needed information with the personal style that makes you stand out.

Tetrad will provide you with the solutions that represent years of advanced experience to help you create clear and direct reports and maps. As both your supplier and consultant, we can foster a long-lasting relationship of achievement.

Tetrad’s solutions provide the answers to questions like:

  • What is the right balance for this territory?
  • How many franchises can I add in this county?
  • Do the households in this market have the right income mix?
  • What standardized reports would be best for my franchisees?
  • Where can I find new markets for our service?
  • Which are the best areas, ranked high to low?