2016 Canada Census

The 2016 Census provides a detailed statistical portrait of Canada and its people by their demographic, social and economic characteristics. This information is important for communities and is vital for planning services such as child care, schooling and family services. It is also important for business applications such as real estate appraisal, site selection and market analysis.  The 2016 Census was collected May 10th, 2016.

Statistics Canada reinstated the mandatory long-form census in time for the 2016 Census of Population, replacing the previous voluntary National Housing Survey. As such, a sample of approximately 25% of Canadian households received a long-form questionnaire. All other households received a short-form questionnaire.

The census also provides information about the characteristics of the population and its housing within small geographic areas (e.g. Dissemination Areas and Census Tracts) and large areas (e.g. Census Subdivisions and Census Metropolitan Areas).

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