Announcing UberRetail Customer Location Data

We are pleased to announce the integration of UberRetail data as an optional subscription in Sitewise Pro.

UberRetail pulls data from over 260 million US mobile device IDs a month to provide you with precise location information about where your customers are coming from.

With UberRetail, you can eliminate the often burdensome effort and cost associated with customer surveying. Unlike traditional surveys, you can also perform analyses on your competitors and potential new sites.

Licensed UberRetail subscribers can run unlimited queries in Sitewise Pro and save the spottings and grid maps to view at a later time.

How it Works:

1. Draw Precise Locations
• Enter an address and draw an exact boundary of the location
2. Enter a Time Range
• View a variety of visitor patterns using day-part and other filters
3. Visualize the Data and Make Business Site Decisions
• View the results as home vs work spottings, and a grid map of % customer composition.

To learn more, please contact us @ 800-663-1334 x309 or email