About Us

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What We Do

Tetrad delivers cost-effective and flexible market analysis solutions to help small and medium businesses make critical site and market related decisions. For the past two decades, our solutions have empowered our clients from diverse industries — including retail, real estate, and healthcare — to make smarter decisions.


We work closely with our clients to provide the right mix of data, analytical tools and services to help them solve complex business challenges with ease. Our desktop, web and mobile based solutions enable researchers and strategists to collect data, share maps, seamlessly deploy predictive models and communicate well-presented reports to executives in the field.




Some of Our Success Stories

Nielsen, New York, NY
Developed iXPRESS to prepare demographic profiles for location analysis, and to find target market areas that match a user-defined Lifestyle.
Bank of America
Implemented PCensus for MapInfo to develop a GIS system for better Real Estate Decision Making.
The Men’s Wearhouse
Uses PCensus for MapInfo with Claritas demographics for Real Estate site selection and sales forecasting.
Winexpert (supply U-brew supplies and equipment)
Profile demographics of franchise territories to provide better customer targeting and store location analysis.
McHenry County College (Illinois)
Employ PCensus for MapInfo with Nielsen data and PRIZM market segmentation to profile students in order to know who they are and where to find more.